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Project Description
SocialAuth.NET is a .NET port of popular Java based SocialAuth library. Written from ground up using C#.NET, this component seamlessly integrates into any ASP.NET web application and enables user authentication through different service providers with minimal development effort. SocialAuth.NET hides all the intricacies of generating signatures & token, doing security handshakes and provide out of the blue simple API to interact with providers.

With this library you can:
Authenticate users with Facebook, Yahoo, Google, MSN, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn (more adding, soon!)
Access profile of logged in user (Email, First name, Last name, Profile pic, DOB and more)*
Get access to AccessToken of logged in User
Consume REST API feeds of supported providers
Import friend contacts of logged in user (Email, Profile URL and Name)*
Easily extend this library to add any provider supporting OAuth1.0a, Oauth1.0+OpenID Hybrid or OAuth2.0 protocols
Enable authentication on any existing quickly just be adding few DLLs and making some web.config changes
Easily design UI for login screen or let SocialAuth.NET do it automatically for you

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